Production Process

The main raw material in the production of sugar is – Sugar cane

The raw materials has to go through following stages before it become finished product. The process in each stage is as under:

The harvested and transported sugar cane received is weighed on the weigh Bridge. It is unloaded and kept on the feeder tables. It is fed to the cane carrier as per the requirement.

This cane is passed through leveler and furzier by making the fine making the fine chips. It is crushed through series of mills. Imbibitions hot water is added prior to the last mill to extract more possible sugar. The bagasse from the last will is carried through bagasse conveyor and required quantity of bagasse is fed to the boilers and excess quality is sent for storage.

The juice from all the mills is pumped to juice weighting scale. It is heated to about 70-77’o c in the juice heaters. It is taken to continuous juice sulphitor in which milk of lime and sulphur dioxide gas are adjusted to maintain ph 7.0. it is again heated in juice heaters to about 100 to 105’oc and sent to continuous clarifier. Clear juice is taken to multiple effect evaporators to concentrate up to 60oc Brix.
The settled mud from the bottom of the clarifier is taken to mud mixer to mix with beguile and taken to continuous vacuum filer. The filtrate is transferred to raw juice receiving tank for treatment. The adhered mud on the screens is scraped and sent out as filter cake, which will be used for composting the manure.

The concentrated syrup from evaporator is taken to syrup sulpthitor to adjust Ph 4.8 to 5.2. This is stored in the supply tanks and fed to “A” masscult boiling by taking B-seed as a footing. It is concentrated to 92o Brix and dropped to the crystallizes. This masscult is purged in the centrifugal machines. The adhered crystals are scraped to hopper and treated with hot air and cold air blower. It is sent to grader the size for gradation. This graded sugar is stared in SILOS. Weighed and bagged sugar bags are transferred to respective go down’s for stacking.

While purging A- massecuite the A-light molasses received is sent to supply tanks and fed to ‘A’- molasses is sent to supply tanks and fed to ‘B’- masscult boiling with b-grain as footing. This is purged in the centrifugals. This sugar is used as B- seed and excess is melted and fed to ‘A’- masscult’s. White purging low purity B- Heavy molasses obtained is used for boiling C- masscult with C- grain as footing.
This C- massecruite is taken for purging in C.F.W. centrifugal machines. The final molasses is separated, weighed and sent to storage tanks. C.F.Magma is sent to melt supply tanks and fed to ‘A’ massecuite boiling . C-light molasses obtained is tired in supply tanks and used for C- massecuite boiling and C- graining also.

Flow Chart of Sugar Manufacturing

By Products of Sugar Manufacturer

Bagasse is the byproduct of sugar left behind after curshing of sugar cane. It is used as a fuel in the sugar factory boiler. Excess Bagasse finds use as raw materials in paper manufacturing indentry.

Molasses is a by product of Sugar refining chiefly used for alcohol production. The entire molasses output is routed to the distillers unit which is maintained by the organization.

Pressmud is the by product generated by cane juice filtration during sugar manufacture, currently. Pressmud is used as a fertilizer in sugarcane cultivation.