Aim & Objective of the Company

The object of the society is to encourage proper development of Agricultural Industrial amongst members on Co-operative lives by promotions of principal and methods of Co-operative and joint forming methods so as to secure best merits of modern large scale agriculture production to the owners of lands and for this purpose.

  1. To encourage self-help, thrift and co-operate amongst members.
  2. To acquire lands either by way of purchase or otherwise for cultivation of sugar cane and other cost and for erection of building. Godown staff quarters etc and for installations of machineries.
  3. To manufacture sugar jogger and their byproducts out of sugar-cane grown and supplied by members of the society and other and to sell the same to the best advantage.
  4. To undertake such other activities as are identical and conductive to the development of the society etc.
  5. To acquire and install machinery for the utilization of the product and buy raw material and sell finished product is the course of utilizing and marketing the byproducts.