Labour Welfare

This department is headed by a labor welfare officer. To look into the welfare activities of the worker and solve the labor problems. The factory provides all the necessary facilities. The purpose of providing welfare amenities is to facilitate the development of total personality of working-class for physical, mental, psychological, cultural, social, moral, and intellectual development the factory provides well planned residential accommodation, medical facilities, educational facilities, drinking, and washing water, canteen, cycle stand, library, etc. In addition, the factory has the following non-statutory schemes for workers’ welfare. Consumers society, uniforms to watchman production and engineering workers, etc.


  • To secure for the worker fair wage.
  • To improve the working condition and express share in the increased profitability.
  • To ensure the worker’s security of employment and protect the larger interest of the society.
  • To establish relationship between management and employees.


  • To promote harmonious relations between the factory management and workers.
  • To bring to the notice of board of directors grievances of workers and to act as a liaison officer between management and labour.
  • To study and understand the point of view of labour in order to help the management to shape and formulate labour welfare policies.
  • To advise and assist the management in fulfillment of statutory and other obligations.
  • To encourage the formation of work joint production councils, co operative societies and welfare committees and supervise their work.
  • To secure the provision of amentias such as canteen, washing, first aid, shelter, rest rooms, launch rooms etc.
  • To suggest the measure which will serve to rise the standard of living of workers and in general to promote their well being.


The recruitment is the process of searching for and obtaining applicants for jobs, from among whom the right people can be selected. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications from which new employees are selected. Selection is the process of packing individuals (out of the pool job applicants with requisites qualification and competence to fill jobs in the organization).

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment of workers, the factory does not have a good procedure for recruitment. All the rights of recruitment are invested with the Board of Directors. The factory has good system of up grading. A promotion is given on the basis of experience, qualification. For upgrading the workforce a committee of Board of Directors is appointed. The up grading of workers is considered only when a vacancy exists in the higher grades, the factory instead of recruiting people from outside gives preference to their own personnel on the basis of qualifications, experiences and performance. The possibility of promotion serves as an incentives. Promotion is given to the workers of they are well experienced and also of good qualification.

Internal Sources

In CBKSSKN Internal search is made to identify surplus manpower. So that this manpower can be utilized elsewhere. This can be done through transfer and promotion to employees in their positions.

External Sources

Some time it may not be possible to find out right manpower within the company, especially in technical skill required jobs. Then they go for external sources. The major external sources used by CBKSSKN are giving advertisements in news papers and other medias through personal contracts etc., After identifying the sources, the requirement process and selection process start.


Remuneration to workers includes both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Mandatory Benefits –

  • Salary.
  • Home rent allowances.
  • Dearness allowances.
  • Travelling allowances.
  • Provident funds.
  • Employee monstrance.
  • Festival advances.