Product Profile

  • Procurement

The factory obtains the sugarcane, which is required from more than 1000 farmers and by the company farms and others raw materials which are required for the operation is taken from the vendor there vendors will be evaluated on the basis of price and quality and then the required raw materials will be taken for the efficient vendors. The transport of sugar cane from farmers to the factory will be engaged throng Lorries which will be taken through bidding at the time of harvesting and also farmers themselves supply by their own bullock carts or by tractors.

  • Cane Weighment

There are 12 outlaying weigh bridges situated round about Chikodi for delivering the sugarcane from the farmers. Double check has been provided over the weighment of cane transported from out stations.

  • Operations

The sugarcane, which is carried by Lorries or other, will be directly fed to the machine where the initial process starts. At the starting point these are knives which cuts sugar cane bunches into individual sugar care. After this in the next step there are sharp cutter which cuts the sugarcane bunches into very small pieces. Then it will go to trade marbs (a series of rollers used for crushing purpose) for crushing. Then the juice produced will go for further processing and the Bagasse will be lift out their itself. Then they add flocculent [used for mud setting] milk sanitation etc and then after it will go through pans and Masscuite for this Masscuite they will add sodium Hydro Sulphite (to bleach the masscuite) and it will be separated out and the molasses will be send to distillery and they white sugar will be bagged.