Organisations History

CHIDANAND BASAPRABHU KORE Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, Chikodi is a co-operative society registered under Karnataka co-operative society’s Act in 1969. The industrial license number of the factory is L-25/N-250/-LC dated 16/10/1970. Also converted and registered into Multistate Co-operative Act, 2002 (39 of 2002) with registration No. MSCS/CR/240/2005. Shree C.B.K.S.S.K.N. Chikodi is a Multistate Co-operative unit. It is a situated near Nandi village, at a distance of about 13Km from Chikodi town .and the factory at present has an attractive campus with magnificent buildings over it.

Agriculture was continues to; be an extremely important sector in our country and cooperative system, as one of its main pillars providing vital support services, is crucial for the transformation of agriculture. It is how inspired our founder Late Sri. Chidanand B Kore, an agriculturist and a co-operator, to establish this factory during 1972-73 with the financial support from cane growers of this area and the State Government. With an initial crushing capacity 1250 TCD and as a standalone sugar industry, lour factory had faced a lot of problems all these years in coming out as a viable unit. Though this factory had emerged in this area with a meager beginning, it had not only provided a source of income for forming community but also created a sustainable employment opportunity in this rural area.

After a lot of dispute on location of plant, near Nandi village, the construction work started in year 1971 and comp elected in the year 1974. The factory was inaugurated by Vice-president Shri B.D Jatti on 6th November 1974. The regular production has been started from December 1974. The factory started on 5/3/1969 with initial Crushing capacity to the extent of 1250 TCD per day began during the year 1974 with total expenditure of Rs.337 lakhs.
The area of operation covered 111 villages of which 102 villages are from chikodi talukas, 5 villages are from Raibag taluka and 4 villages are from Athani taluka.
At present total sugar cane supplied to this sugar industry is from 20,000 acres with average yield per acre of 25 MT.
The entire plant and Machinery has been supplied by m/s National Heavy Engineering Co-operative Ltd. Pune, A co-operative institution has also been installed to meet the present requirement of the Crushing capacity. The DKSSK, at present is equipped with modern machines and skilled personals.
Rs.325 lakhs long term loan was borrowed from IFC, LIC, IDBI for original plant and First phase expansion and has been repaid as per their.

The crushing capacity was enhanced from 1250 TDC to 2000 in 1984-85 and from 2000 TCD to 3000 IN 1993-94. The factory house hold expenses of factory from 3500 to 5500 TCD. Every expansion was not easy and had created a financial setback due to the lack of professionalism both in technical and financial managements. Thus over the period of two and half decades, the factory had grown only in sizes but not adopted the range of different bi-product activities and had suffered due to a weak governance on efficiency, effectiveness, adaptability and internal and external accountability in the management. These things have brought the factory almost to the brink of sickness. Besides resulting a huge negative net worth and ever-high accumulated losses. However this cooperative and rural based industry must succeed if the poor farmers and the rural unemployed youths have to be prosperous.


Sugar sector is one of the large scale industries in manufacturing sector. Now a day the competition in sugar sector is very high SHREE  DOODHAGANGA KRISHNA SAHAKARI SAKKARE KARKHANE NIYAMIT, CHIKODI Is a co-operative society registered under Karnataka co-operative society’s Act in 1969. Also converted and registered into Multistate Co-operative Act, 2002 (39 of 2002) with registration No. MSCS/CR/240/2005, The object of business is to encourage proper devolvement of agricultural industrial amongst members on co-operative lives by promotions of co-operative and joint forming methods so as to secure best merits of modern large scale agriculture production to the owners of the lands. The nature of business is to encourago self help, thrift and co-operate amongst members.